Monday, July 14, 2008

Our CSA and the wonders of u-pick vegetables

This year we joined a local CSA so that we could enjoy fresh farm fruits and vegetable. The farm is gorgeous, with wonderful mountain views and lovely fields of rye. While I knew we would love the wonderful produce, I didn't realize how much Ava would love the farm. We go every Friday and spend quite a few hours out there romping and picking things. She is has been eating the peas straight off the vine and strawberries too. Her favorite all-time activity, however, is dirt- digging in the dirt, rolling in the dirt, pouring dirt over her head, or better yet, encouraging her friend Leon to pour dirt over her head. Ava loves dirt!

These pictures are from last Saturday- we took Zan to pick strawberries. She doesn't usually get to go because of work so this was a real treat for Ava.

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