Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

We had a nice Mother's Day doing not much of anything.... took a walk in the beautiful sunshine to our favorite breakfast place, went to the playground and then back home for a nap (Ava) and housechores (us). Ava did her usual playing in the front yard, pushing her babies up and down the sidewalk in her stroller and saying hello to every car and person that comes by.

This, by far, is her new all-time favorite activity. First there is an announcement of what, or who is coming by, as in CAR! or DOGGIE!- and then the greeting- HELLO CAR! HELLO DOGGIE!- followed up by the goodbye, complete with a wave- BYE BYE CAR! - BYE BYE DOGGIE! , and further followed up by a conversation about it that will last a good 5 minutes after they've left- CAR BYE-BYE, DOGGIE BYE-BYE..................... PLANE!
and here we go again....

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