Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Whenever we're going to get Ava a little dressed up, we tell her it's time to put her "Fancys on", and whenever we're going to put on her little sweat pants and overshirts, we tell her it's time to "Put on cozies"... Needless to say, we are mostly all in our "Cozies" around here, but Aunt Jenny and Uncle Nick came to visit this weekend, and Aunt Jenny likes the "Fancys", so she got to dress Ava for a night on the town- and of course Ava loved it, and twirled and twirled in her little poncho like a movie star.

So here is Ava all dressed up in her "Fancys" last Saturday night.

It's really kind of fun having a girl.

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lwc said...

She looks ready to two-step, or clog.