Monday, November 26, 2007


We put Ava in her little Thanksgiving dress and her baby Uggs (thanks Aunt Jenny!) and drove off to Vermont for a Thanksgiving dinner with Grammy and Grandad Carter, Aunt Medge, Uncle Surja, and cousin Amrit. It was a nice day and nice to spend time with everyone. Medge and Surja and Amrit were with us here in MA for a few days before and after Thanksgiving- great family time and wonderful for Ava.


MLB said...

Love that dress!!
Do you guys EVER stay home?


Carter-Meo Family said...

Marn- so funny that you asked that; everyone asks us that same question! And the answer is... sometimes, but not often. We love our home and we love being at home, but we always seem to have someplace to go. Zan says that it's me and my social butterfly-ness and that if we went to live in the middle of nowhere, I'd have a dinner party planned with all the wild animals by the end of the day. She's probably right.

lwc said...

Oooo dinner with the animals. I'd like to reserve a place at the table for that one.