Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ava, 5 months

Ava has learned all kinds of things this month. Hanging upside is one of her favorite things to do. She's also figured out how to roll over and is on her way to sitting up all by herself. She's also added a few new "tricks" to her attention grabbing techniques- in addition to the fake cough, she's learned to shriek at the top of her lungs, which she thinks is hilarious- we're not nearly as fond of it. She also has mastered a sort of wheez so that perhaps she might be having an asthma attack- nahhh.. but it sure did bring both mommies over at once! She is a real character, that's for sure.

We are still trying the solids, a little rice cereal, some peas and some avocado. So far avocado wins. Lots of babbling these days and an outright belly laugh that is really sweet.

We also did some traveling to VT to visit grandparents and then had grandparents and aunts visiting us. We'll put those pictures up soon.

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